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This Short Story Makes Me Miss World of Warcraft

Nika Harper is an indie author and the super creative soul behind the project Word Play: a series of video that are designed to challenge and inspire authors to write. Amid all the promps, tips, encouragement, and general sunshine Nika showers on the internet she also shares the stories that she writes for the various promps. If you’ve never known the bottomless pit of an addiction that is known as World of Warcraft, the story above will not mean anything to you. If you’re anything like me and you’ve spent countless hours navigating toons through the perils of West Texas Westall, then you’ll probably find the above funny and oddly nostalgic. Seriously, I’ve never wanted to log in and wander the shores of that God-forsaken zone even when I was a full blown addict; Nika has me considering it.

Excuse me; I need to call my sponsor. Check out more of Nika and the wonderful Wordplay over on YouTube.

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