My name is Brandon. I'm a writer, cartoonist, husband, and father. This is the online space where I talk about life, family, art, videogames, and anything else that interests me. Disclaimer: a lot of things interest me.

Saccharine Snark

Yesterday, I got an email from a concerned citizen about the Welcoming Project banner we have posted on our family’s restaurant website. I get these emails all the time. Most of these correspondence consist of a “stick to what you’re good at and stay out of politics” message. Fair enough–even… Read More

We Bought a Castle!

Well, not really a castle, but it’s definitely a larger house than what we came from, and somewhat castle-shaped so I’m gonna say it qualifies. Maybe it’s more of a keep. In any event I’ve taken off all next week to get us moved in and get ready… Read More

Dramatic Life Changes are Afoot

It’s official. We’re selling our house. We’ve talked about upgrading our living situation for a while. We’re in a better place, financially, than we were when we bought our current digs, and adding Ruu and all of her baby contraptions to the mix has made the old place feel a bit crowded.… Read More