The Trap is Sprung

A month ago I upgraded my phone and I decided to go with the Galaxy Note 4. In a world where the smartphone is averaging five and a half inches in size, I figured I may as well get one that is designed to use that screen real estate for something other than watching Youtube videos. I have a predisposition to jotting down notes by hand and doodling, so the Note 4 seemed like a no brainer.

I’m sure some of my experience up to this point is part of a honeymoon phase, but as of now there is nothing I don’t like about this phone. I always thought the stylus on the Note series was a gimmick, but it’s my favorite feature so far. I’ve used it to write all of my lists and notes by and I’ve begun to draw a little. I’ve drawn and sketched since I was a kid. Some of the first stories I ever told were through drawings. I really admire artists that can work in the digital medium, and I’ve always wanted to dabble in it myself. Well, it’s hard as frak. The above sketch is the rough interpretation of a scene from a short story I’m working on. The inspiration for this story comes from two places. It comes from that irrational fear that comes over you when you wake from a deep sleep. You’re sure that something is watching you from the deep shadows in the corner of the room, and if you look hard enough your sleep addled mind can almost make out its shape. It’s also a twist on the monster in the closet. What if there really were a creature come to take a young boy from his bed. What if that boy was ready for the monster? I’m excited to get it done. I’ve got a couple more weeks before my deadline, so I better get back to working on it.


Tools of the Trade

Here are some of the tools I use when making art.


For larger artwork I use Strathmore Bristol Pads 11X14.

For art on-the-go I adore my Sketch Wallet.

My pencil of choice is a Pentel Graphgear 500 with .7mm blue or red lead. <— This and my Sketch Wallet are the two tools that go with me everywhere.

For inking, I’m digging Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens.

While I’ve tried lots of different writing software solutions I keep coming back to old reliable: Microsoft Word.