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Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Jason Momoa is channeling 90’s Aquaman in Dawn of Justice. Maybe he’ll have his hand cut off and replaced with a harpoon hook.


I’m not a fan of DC movies. This breaks my heart as DC Comics were the first comic books I ever read and are still my favorite to this day. I don’t like Nolan’s take on Batman. Hyper realism has its place in cinema and that place is in a galaxy far, far away from comic book films. A lot of people disagree with me, but I don’t need or want a Batman that actually has to adhere to things like old age and physical degradation to find him relatable. Super Hero stories are mythologies, and Batman is a demigod in his universe. When we don’t let them be true to their nature, or we rob them of their inherent spark. Their fun.

When I heard Zack Snyder was doing Superman I was over the moon. Here was a guy that understood mythologies. Say what you want about his body of work, Snyder knows how to embrace spectacle of mythic proportions. But Man of Steel taught me that there is such a thing as too much spectacle. I was originally one of those people who railed against the climax of the film, but Superman breaking Zod’s neck was the least of that movie’s problems. The color palette is too drab, the story too dour and incoherent, and the action too big. They gave Kryptonian powers no sense of limit or scale, which leaves me wondering how the hell they’re going to raise the stakes from here on out. Seriously, if a god can’t so much as bruise another god’s flesh after pounding on him for 45 minutes, where do you go from there?

Still, I’m a DC fan. I desperately WANT to love the movies they’re making. So when I heard about Batman v. Superman I was cautiously optimistic. The news of Affleck being cast didn’t bother me in any way and when I saw the Batsuit I started to get excited. Then they added Wonder Woman. More good news. Her New 52 book is one of my favorites. Then more cast members were announced and my enthusiasm cooled a little. It seemed like they were beginning to water down their concept with too many ideas. In retrospect, this movie seems to have gone through a transfiguration.  First it was a Batman v. Superman movie. Adding Wonder Woman to the mix turned it into somewhat of a Trinity movie. With the addition of other heroes such as Cyborg and Aquaman, Snyder and co. slapped the subtitle Dawn of Justice onto the project.

But it’s not a Justice League movie. That trilogy is still in the forge.

But seriously, guys. This is a Justice League movie and Momoa looks incredible as Aquaman, even if this look isn’t my personal favorite. Here’s hoping Snyder can deliver a coherent story with the character.

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