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Green Beans, Gag Faces, And General Unpleasantness

As new parents who think we’re superheroes, Lauren and I decided to try our hand at making Ruu’s baby food as opposed to buying it. We cook on average 4 nights a week, and it doesn’t seem like too much trouble to cook for her as well. The process is pretty simple. We boil veggies, liquefy them in a blender, freeze them in ice cube trays for easy portioning and store them in freezer bags. So far we’ve made carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes. Next up are peas, and then we’re going to make apple sauce and banana mash.

Our six month appointment was Monday and we got the green light for baby food! The plan, as prescribed to us by our pediatrician, is to introduce a new food to her every four days, along with her cereal until we can eventually phase out the cereal at lunch and dinner. So it will look something like this by the end of the process:

Breakfast: cereal and fruit. Supplemented by a small bottle.

Lunch: meat and veggies. Supplemented by a small bottle.

Dinner: meat and veggies. Supplemented by a small bottle.

Bedtime: Bottle.

Everyone on the internet seems to have an opinion on what order you should introduce foods. Veggies before fruit. Earthy before sweet. It makes sense to me to get her used to the less pleasant things first so that she acquires a taste for them before  moving on to tastier things. So we decided to start with green beans.

The process was hilarious and a little heart breaking. She was not pleased by the flavor or texture. She gagged once after the first couple spoonfuls. Then sighed piteously at every other bite after that. She seemed to stare at the green gruel as if to psych herself up to the task of swallowing each bite. Her relief was almost tangible when the beans were gone and we switched to the cereal. Poor little poppet. Just hang on, little one. In a couple days we can switch to carrots. Daddy promises!

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