My name is Brandon. I'm a writer, cartoonist, husband, and father. This is the online space where I talk about life, family, art, videogames, and anything else that interests me. Disclaimer: a lot of things interest me.


The story is done. It’s three days late, but it’s done. I’m editing it now, and will publish it this evening. The story for week two is already outlined and half written, because sometimes I work on 3 projects at the same time. If one story isn’t getting the juices flowing I simply jump to another. And another. And another until they start. When that well runs dry I repeat the process. It may sound like a roundabout way to do the work, but it keeps me from staring at my screen with paralyzing feelings of inadequacy.

Ruu has come down with hand, foot, and mouth disease, which has complicated life in all sorts of ways. She clings to us like a baby orangutan, and cries out in pain a lot. The sores in her mouth make it hard to get her to eat or drink anything and I’m beginning to get concerned about dehydration and weight loss. This has obviously complicated my goals, but these things are going to happen. Best I can do is find the space between the minutes to write as much as I can.

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