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Dramatic Life Changes are Afoot


It’s official. We’re selling our house.

We’ve talked about upgrading our living situation for a while. We’re in a better place, financially, than we were when we bought our current digs, and adding Ruu and all of her baby contraptions to the mix has made the old place feel a bit crowded. So we decided to call a realtor over to discuss a plan to get the house ready to sell.

She suggested we put it on the market before the school year starts, and that it would be best to have it on the market by July 14th.


There is a lot that goes into selling your house. For starters there’s the cleaning. And not your average Saturday afternoon cleaning, either. We’re talking the bone deep cleaning that happens to crime scenes. Add to this very time consuming task other things like de-cluttering, minor improvements, and rearranging furniture and art in the house so that it highlights the living space’s potential without reminding people that someone actually lives there, and you’ve got quite a laundry list of things to do. The last couple weeks have been hectic to say the least, but we’re finally done with the list and now must endure the agonizing waiting process. Rather than live in the house as we attempt to sell, we’ve moved into an efficiency over my parents’ garage in an attempt to reduce our overhead and take our time while looking for a new house.

This shift in our lives has pretty much derailed all of our regular routines. Ruu is having trouble sleeping through the night; I know partly because she can sense the dramatic change to our lives, but I also think she takes issue with my snoring. I haven’t even thought about writing anything in the last two weeks, and I haven’t had the energy to go on a run either. It’s starting to get me down, and I need to figure out how to get us all back on track before things get too stressful.

Oh, the joys of moving. Yay.

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