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Dialogues 2

“Why is knowledge a sin?”

“It was never about knowledge being a sin. Lucifer knew that. Father was less concerned about what you learned than when you learned it. You can’t deny that knowledge can be dangerous in the hands of those that don’t know what to do with it. Humans are eager. It makes you incredibly adaptive, but also dangerous. When you learn something you often ask, ‘can we?’ when you should be asking, ‘should we?'”

“The atom bomb argument? I would think a fallen angel could do better.”

“One doesn’t need a better argument when the most apparent one will suffice.”


“Lucifer likes to play the role of the tragically misunderstood. He wants you to see him as Prometheus. It was his first lie, and in many ways it’s been his best and most enduring. He didn’t bring you fire to help you chase away the dark. He brought you fire so that you would burn Father’s creation to the ground. In bringing you knowledge before you were ready he robbed you of what you could have been. It’s still his proudest achievement.”

“Still, banishment from Paradise? The reaction was a little extreme.”

“Back then, Father had a much more…old fashioned method of parenting. He thought you needed a firm, guiding hand–an omnipotent, omniscient God that could lead you to your full potential. Personally, I think you would have benefited more from the truth. You really are made in his image. You’re both ravenously curious–almost to a flaw. He was afraid that you would flounder if you knew that he didn’t have all the answers. The irony is that, these days he’s perfectly comfortable letting you know him as he really is, and you want him to be the lie. Had he been honest with you from the start humanity may have avoided much tragedy. Or not. As I said, you and He are too much alike. When he first decided to create you Lucifer was the only one who dared to ask that all important question: ‘Should we?’ A lot of our own tragedy may have been avoided had Father stopped to ask that question himself.”

“So you think we’re a mistake, then?”

“Perhaps. But even mistakes can be beautiful. There are such things as happy accidents. When we finally turn the lights out on this Universe, I think we will look back on humanity and see you for the glorious masterpiece Father always knew you to be. Flawed and open to criticism, maybe. But what isn’t in this life?”

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