My name is Brandon. I'm a writer, cartoonist, husband, and father. This is the online space where I talk about life, family, art, videogames, and anything else that interests me. Disclaimer: a lot of things interest me.

Goodbye, Papa

I remember watching you get ready for work when I’m about 4 or 5. You step out of the shower onto the blue tile floor, the towel wrapped firmly around your hips. The bathroom is muggy and warm from the hot shower, and the scent of Irish Spring hangs pleasantly in the… Read More

Wake Up

Wake up, Daddy. Wake up!” It’s not the words that break through, but the light slaps on my cheeks, as gentle as spring rain. I’m not actually asleep. This is something she says to me often when my mind wanders away. Her small hands cradle my face; her… Read More

What Being a Dad Means

Being a dad means knowing true fear for the first time in your life. Being a dad means sleepless nights spent worrying about the future. Being a dad means frustration. Being a dad means guilt when you can’t control that frustration. Being a dad means laundry Being… Read More

Grief by a thousand cuts

It’s been nearly three weeks, and you should know that it still finds ways to cut when I’m not expecting it. I ran a quick errand on my lunch break, and I passed an AT&T work van while on the road. I caught myself peering into the cabin… Read More


  I thought today would be easier. I don’t know why. I guess I just figured after everything I felt last night—after the gauntlet of emotions I experienced—I may have earned some mileage. Denial? The first thing I said when J.R. told me was, “Nuh-uh.” As if he’d… Read More