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Been Playing STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT, and I Have Thoughts

I ponied up an extra 5 shekels for the opportunity to play Star Wars: Battlefront before its official release tomorrow, because that’s the kind of impatient Star Wars fan I am. Over the weekend, I shot Imperials in the face on Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, and Sullust and it… Read More

In Which I Go Full Nerd Over Obscure Disney Characters

Over the past six months or so we’ve introduced the Jawa to Disney movies. It’s been a slow process because she quickly fell under the spell of Elsa’s siren song like every child of this generation. While Frozen is still the bar by which all cinema is measured in… Read More


The story is done. It’s three days late, but it’s done. I’m editing it now, and will publish it this evening. The story for week two is already outlined and half written, because sometimes I work on 3 projects at the same time. If one story isn’t getting… Read More


Yesterday I was brought low by a vile stomach bug of unknown origins. I’m a little better today. Still a bit weak and achy, but my stomach no longer feels as though it’s gearing up to stage a coup d’détat. So that’s good. Since I have the day… Read More