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Staying home today because my head feels like it is full of cotton and mucus goblins that taunt me in the voice of TJ Miller. In spite of what Mucinex is trying to sell us, the aegis of their little pill does not immediately banish these loathsome creatures back to the nether realm from whence they came. I am drinking lots of water (coffee is water, right?) in the hopes that the Mucinex pill gets it’s shit together, forms a phalanx, and pushes the TJ Millter-Mucus-Goblin-King and his minions off a cliff. I’ve also called in a reinforcement of oranges to help in the cause.

In the meantime, I’d like to submit the following list for your consideration:

The Sick Person’s Survival Kit:

  1. Thick, wooly socks
  2. a hooded sweatshirt
  3. a fluffy blanket
  4. a box of tissues
  5. A mug filled with the steamy beverage of your choice.
  6. Meds
  7. Seasons 1-10 of Stargate SG-1.


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