My name is Brandon. I'm a writer, cartoonist, husband, and father. This is the online space where I talk about life, family, art, videogames, and anything else that interests me. Disclaimer: a lot of things interest me.

The Trap is Sprung

A month ago I upgraded my phone and I decided to go with the Galaxy Note 4. In a world where the smartphone is averaging five and a half inches in size, I figured I may as well get one that is designed to use that screen real… Read More

The Lawn

The lawn stretches out before you, and I recognize that expression. I see it in your eyes. It seems so vast. So full of possibility. Almost overwhelmed by the sheer joy of it, you do the only thing that makes sense to your perfect little mind. You run.… Read More


I find that when I’m feeling low, creative expression works like a purgative. If you were to ask me what depression feels like, I’d tell you it’s a lot like this: it comes out of nowhere. It’s an unprovoked attack with a gigaton warhead that leaves me feeling hollowed out.… Read More

Photo: Indomitable Beauty

This little guy is growing out of one of the cracks in the concrete around the pool. This is actually the second blossom. Ruu picked the first one as soon as she saw it.

PawPaw and Ruu

A pic of Dad and Ruu on a visit to Krebs. She loves playing with beards. She plays with mine the same way.